Pre-Visit Checklist

Air Conditioning Tune-Up/Maintenance Homeowner Pre-Visit Check List

Help Us All Stay Safe By Limiting The Amount Of Time We Are In Your Home

By limiting the time that we are inside your home, we help each other!

Follow these procedures for when your technician arrives. Call our office if you have any questions.

  1. Verify that the circuit breaker is on to the AC unit. Note: if the panel is outside and unlocked, the technician will check it.
  2. Make sure the batteries are now in the thermostat.
  3. Turn the air conditioning on at the switch for all thermostats (if more that one is in use).
  4. Move the temperature down 5 degrees to keep the unit operating.
  5. Check all vents to verify that they are open and have good airflow.
  6. Check the air filter. Remove and replace it as necessary. (If you are not able to accomplish this, let us know ahead of time.)
  7. After 10 to 15 minutes of operation mare sure air is starting to feel cold.
  8. After the technician is finished, reset the thermostat back to the normal setting.
  9. Let us know your email and cell number to send the bill electronically.

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