When Does My Air Conditioning System Needs Repairing?

How Do I Know If My Air Conditioning System Needs Repairing?

There are some very definite symptoms

You may not suspect anything is wrong with your air conditioning unit as it silently hums in the background while cooling your home. Often, the only time you realize that your air conditioning system needs repairing and that something is wrong is when it completely stops functioning at all.

This is definitely true as the warmer Southwest Oklahoma months sneak up on you. It’s already close to May. Oklahoma usually goes from really cold winter to triple digits in a very short amount of time.

The first thing that gets noticed is just a simple lack of cold air when the unit is first used. Sometimes it’s other unusual behavior from your otherwise, trustworthy air conditioning unit.

If anything unusual is noticed in any way with your system it’s time to call the trained professionals at Bill Miller and Noble Heating and Air Conditioning.

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Some Common Signs That Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repairing

A few of the most common

There are many things that might go wrong with your Air Conditioning System. This is especially true if you don’t have the system regularly serviced. And admittedly most of us don’t pay a great amount of attention to our systems until they break down.

Know The Warning Signs Before Problems Escalate.

Absence of Cool Air

When the system is not properly maintained on a yearly basis, your air conditioning unit’s ability to provide cool air slows down or greatly diminishes. You may notice that even if it’s set to full blast, you just don’t get cold air like before. When this happens, just give Bill Miller and Noble a call, because this is almost always serious. It might mean that the compressor has failed. It might mean that the level of refrigerant, called Freon, has gotten too low for the system to work right. You can trust Bill Miller and Noble to check the unit and to provide you with the right solution.

Weak Air Flow From The Vents

Is the airflow from the vents of the air conditioning system weak? Is there very little air coming out? The problem could actually be with the compressor. Low pressure in the system can cause the fins in the air handler to freeze over. This restricts airflow.

Do some rooms or areas in your home of offices have cooler or warmer air than other areas? The problem might be with the ductwork. This is a very definite sign your system needs immediate repair. You can’t put this problem off.

Unusual Leaks or Moisture

Leaks and moisture near or maybe around your air conditioning unit’s closet is a sign that there is a problem with the unit. It might be due to the refrigerant being low. A refrigerant leak can pose serious health risks to everyone in your home. That is more important now than ever before with the current lockdown conditions arriving from COVID-19 Crisis. Call an expert technician right away if you suspect that this might be the cause of your problem.

Does the area near your air conditioner suddenly has water pools? That is a sign that the drain tube may be clogged. The Drain tube removes the condensation from the unit to the outside of the home. It may be blocked or it may be restricted. Although this is not as serious a problem as a refrigerant leak, you may still need a qualified professional technician. If you continue to have water leaking you may develop mold problems. If you have wooden floors you may end up with substantial, expensive floor damage.

Faulty Thermostat In Your Home or Office

Are some parts of your home or office warmer or cooler than other parts? That may only mean that there is a problem with your thermostat. Call a technician promptly to fix the issue. Everyone in your home should be comfortable in any part of your home. This is a much better problem to have than damaged ducts.

Unfamiliar Odors

Foul or pungent smells from the vents of your air conditioner usually will indicate burned wire insulation. If the odor is a bit musty, it may mean that there’s mold growth either in the ductwork or inside the unit itself. This problem should also be fixed right away to prevent physical problems and health problems from developing. Mold is a very dangerous hazard in your home.

Unusual Sounds From the Air Conditioning System

When the Heating and Air Conditioning System is working properly, you will barely notice any sounds coming from it. Consequently, if there are strange or maybe unusual noises from the unit, it probably means that something is wrong with the unit.

A grinding, grating, or squealing sound coming from the unit means that something needs to be fixed internally right away. Worn out motor bearings will usually make a grinding sound. A squeaky sound may be a just loose and slipping belt.

These are all major warning signs that your heating and air conditioning system needs some repair. Call us. Have a qualified technician from Bill Mill and Noble Heating and Air Conditioning inspect your system. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have established Limited Contact Service Call procedures to help ensure the health and safety of your family members.

Service your Heating and Air Conditioning System regularly and you can extend its life. It also helps ensure that it works properly when you need it the most.